1. download from GooglePlay and install Mobizen Streaming for Samsung (as of 4/14/2016, version
  2. grant Mobizen permission to access numerous items on my smartphone 
  3. Connect smartphone to my PC via USB
  4. place in “Developer mode”;  
  5. turn on “USB debugging”; 
  6. turn on USB data protocol to "MTP" (Android 6.0 defaults to charging only (no data)
  7. ignore the Samsung warning that data will be shared between PC and Smartphone
  8. Read my PC’s RSA certificate, and click “always allow” communication
  9. Settings > System > Accessibility > "Mobizen for SAMSUNG" > "off" - works OK without turning "on" - maybe need for remote WiFi connectivity?
  1.  download and run software downloaded from
  2. communication may be limited to data shared thru google chrome running on the PC (per earlier recommendations from users’ comments)
  3. comply with a 2-step security process  to enable communication between my Samsung and the PC.  (the second step requires reading a 6 digit code from the PC screen, and manually entering the 6 digits onto the Smartphone screen
SECURITY: I am concerned about opening a backdoor between my PC and Mobizen, so will ensure I close the Mobizen software