Can we build a brain? Can we digitize emotions? Can a machine learn as
we do?

Program starts off with equating Alexa, Siri and the Chinese version, Xiaomi
ai xiaomi#scso=uid_H9f8WtvCL8Sq5gKz3LuoBA_0:0) as 'virtual' assistants.
Assistants, yes; AI I think NOT!

Interesting stuff as usual for Nova, but the conclusion is we have a long
ways to go to really mimic our brains at the cost, weight, space, and energy
equivalency. Some, like Elon Musk, however, don't think we have to wait
that long and have sounded the AI alarm that AI may destroy us.

Do check out the TrueNorth chip (mentioned in the video) developed by IBM
c. 2014. The chip integrates memory and CPU to mimic neurons and synapses:

-- Fred Kagel